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Animated Drawings Digital/Traditional (20 points)
Animated Reaper and Lantern by ProjectANGEL101
Animation for ChinatsuEbina30 by ProjectANGEL101
Phyra Animated by ProjectANGEL101
Animated: Auburn by ProjectANGEL101

Digital or Traditional drawings animated.

Digital pics (15 points)
Like the Day and Night by ProjectANGEL101
RQ: Phyra and Sylvia VS Pitch by ProjectANGEL101
1 Year RP Celebration by ProjectANGEL101
Blaze's new outfit by ProjectANGEL101
Princess of Heaven by ProjectANGEL101
P.C: She's Mine: Java,Nikolai and Canada by ProjectANGEL101

  Neko Trio by ProjectANGEL101  Please Come Back by ProjectANGEL101  We'll be Counting Stars by ProjectANGEL101

1 Year RP Celebration by ProjectANGEL101 

**All Digital pictures will be in color (except for linearts)
Up to 6 characters for the amount of points listed next to each style. Every extra character is 1 point.**   

Drawn using and then uploaded to DA


            Lineart (5 points)

            Headshots (10 points)

            Half-Bodys (15 points)

            Full-Bodys (15 points)

            Chibi (10 points)

    WILL DO:
            Canon Characters

            OC Characters

            Animals(to an extent)

            Antros(half human, half animal)
            Single Color Background

            Simple backgrounds





Traditional pics (10 points)
PC: Sonic and Hilda #2 by ProjectANGEL101
PC: Sonic and Hilda #1 by ProjectANGEL101
Phyra meets a Shifter by ProjectANGEL101
Free Drawings # 5: Jinx and Lana by ProjectANGEL101
The Girls by ProjectANGEL101
Jury Duty Drawings by ProjectANGEL101

       Chibi Fox by ProjectANGEL101 AT: Panda by ProjectANGEL101 RQ: Vampire by ProjectANGEL101 Ayaka by ProjectANGEL101 Hekren Abrack by ProjectANGEL101 Free P.C for CaptainAspenWolf by ProjectANGEL101 

**Traditional Pictures can be colored or Non-Colored
Up to 6 characters for the amount of points listed for each style. Every extra character is 1 point.**   

 Hand drawn Pictures (then colored with color pencils if you want) then uploaded to DA


            Sketches (5 points)

            Headshots (5 points)

            Half-Bodys (10 points)

            Full-Bodys (10 points)

            Chibi (5 points)


    WILL DO:

            Canon Characters

            OC Characters

            Animals(to an extent)

            Antros(half human, half animal)
            Single Color Background
            Simple backgrounds





Story/FanFic (8 points)
Project:Angel Cover by ProjectANGEL101
Project:Angel Chapter 2 by ProjectANGEL101
Project:Angel Chapter 1 by ProjectANGEL101
Project:Angel Chapter 3 by ProjectANGEL101
Project:Angel Chapter Prologue by ProjectANGEL101
Project:Angel Chapter 4 by ProjectANGEL101

Project:Angel Chapter 5 by ProjectANGEL101 Project:ANGEL Chapter 6 by ProjectANGEL101 Coming Soon: The Shifter and a Flame by ProjectANGEL101 The Shifter and a Flame Cover by ProjectANGEL101  The Shifter and a Flame: Chapter 1 by ProjectANGEL101 

I will write a short story about anything you want, up to three chapters. Will hand draw pictures for your story if you want pictures. Tell me what fandom the story is from and who the main characters are for the story and the plot that you want and I will do my best.

Song pics (5 points)
I will always be with you by ProjectANGEL101
PC: Comatose by ProjectANGEL101
I will draw a picture of your character based off a song of your choosing and will include the lyrics for the song.

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Yeah, today is my 23rd birthday and I plan to make it by far the best one ever. Especially since I almost started it by getting sick, yesterday I had dinner with my parents at red robins along with dessert there and then went to watch my cousin's band performance followed by a trip to Leatherbys and had a black and white. It was really good even if it almost made me sick for my birthday.

For one thing, I'm going to see two Journey concerts at the fair tonight with my mom and sister so that alone will be a great way to celebrate today.
After that, I'm not actually sure what I'm gonna do today, but I'm sure something will come up.
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
:iconaqua-pplz: :iconaqua-aplz::iconaqua-gplz::iconaqua-eplz:

My Name is Cristin Marie Lane but most people call me Crissy :)
I am 23 years old and I love to draw and to write stories.
I have a lot of Fanfictions in progress but the main one so far is my Project:Angel story.
I am currently in college working towards a degree in ART :) :heart: I will be attending the Art Institution Of California-Sacramento working towards my bachelors in Mixed media& Animations.
I’m a huge fan of anime and cartoons. Most favorite shows are Sonic, Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, Avatar: TLA and LOK, and Flame of Recca. There are others but those were the first that came to mind.

:heart: USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design:bulletred:Spanish lang2 by Faeth-design

Tools I use:
Traditional User STAMP by DrayuuTablet User STAMP by DrayuuPaint User STAMP by User STAMP by Drayuu

:iconpurple-mplz::iconpurple-aplz::iconpurple-yplz: :iconpurple-2plz::iconpurple-1plz:.

I like to RP but only with great friends.
I RP as all my OCs but the ones i use the most are:
Miyu Robotnik (Sonic)
Phyra Flame (Rise of the Guardians)
Kiko Ichijouji (Digimon)

I also like to Cosplay but I have yet to actually get to.
People that I plan to cosplay as:
Sango-both in traveling and Slayer outfit (Inuyasha)
Maria Robotnik (Sonic X)
Yukina (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Miku Hatsune (Vocoloid)
And more will be added


:iconblue-dplz::iconpurple-aplz: :iconblue-fplz::iconpurple-aplz::iconblue-mplz::iconpurple-iplz::iconblue-lplz::iconpurple-yplz: (just cause I want to. If you want to be a part of it, just let me know what you want to be)

Brother :iconmakerofchaos117:



RP Stamp by Ch3rriCh3rryI love roleplaying!! by HippieAleI Am A Role Player Stamp by TheAwesomeDarrickKinda In The Middle With This by HitsuForLifeRoleplaying rocks stamp by MessylittlebabyEvery Character Stamp by TigerDragonMasterThanks for Feedback W Shine by IceXDragonFeedback stamp by AnaNoArtFeedback Love by Luishi17ExceptForThemCertainOnes by endlerOC - Soul Stamp by AlpharesMy OC are my treasure STAMP by The-Last-Fallen-AngeOC stamp by SuyyMy OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27Character Stamp by ArpieFriends stamp by Meddle689I'm Famous Stamp by KhrinxDisconnected Rage Stamp by KhrinxAnti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-ZonePajamas Stamp by Worldincoffeeteddy stamp by findyQDaily... by prosaixNever... by prosaixdeviantART Stamp 9 by nirman.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotUnknown Stamp 1 by Unknown-GroupUnknown Artists by thorthunder3The Procrastination Stamp by Busiriswolf stamp by war-armorI'm a Wolf - Stamp by theBravewolfPikachu Stamp by Kezzi-RoseAgni Kai Stamp by elphin-artTeam Avatar by carenviniegrastamp: avatar by ohhperttylights+ + Stamp + + by eikosaliaI Like Waffles. Stamp by bizarrostamps
Amazing OC Pictures: (Pictures of my OCs, Done by other great Deviants as gifts)

Miyu and Miyu by IX-universe

Phyra by SpiritualPotatoe
Sled Riding Obsession by IcyFlames296
Embers by AmberNightlights

Amy for Projectangel101 by Erinade

Lovely Dark Love by SpiritualPotatoe
Slyvia And Blaze by Prodestiny
Underneath it all by SpiritualPotatoe

More than One:
RotG Inspiration by IcyFlames296
Gift: Blaze and Phyra by AmberNightlights

Double OC meme With Reaper and Blaze by SpiritualPotatoe

To Do:

Fullbody of OC for :icontheawesomeness0330:-------->Point Commish: Do you Really want to Mess with Me? by ProjectANGEL101

2 Full-Bodys of Sonic and Hilda as friends for :iconsonicandhildafan11: -------->PC: Sonic and Hilda #1 by ProjectANGEL101 & PC: Sonic and Hilda #2 by ProjectANGEL101

Half-Body of Soifon and Toshiro for :iconbl00donthedancefloor: ---->P.Comm: Soifon and Toshiro by ProjectANGEL101

Fullbody of Java (hetalia OC) with Nikolai And Canada for :icondeathgirlmorgaine:----->P.C: She's Mine: Java,Nikolai and Canada by ProjectANGEL101

Song Comatose with Java and Canada for :icondeathgirlmorgaine:----->PC: Comatose by ProjectANGEL101

Traditional picture of Sonic and Rangiku for :iconsonic-dude444: ------->P.C: Sonic and Rangiku by ProjectANGEL101

3 chapter fanfic for :iconcrimsonseal: ---> P.C Never Alone (SephTi) ch. 1
P.C: Never Alone (SephTi)
Chapter 1:
A tall man stands in a room alone, looking out the single window within the room. The sun shines bright outside in the clear sky over the small town but he just closes the blinds, covering the room in darkness. Sephiroth crossed the dark room to the bed and sat down. His silver hair partially covered his green eyes as he stared at the ground. He was still a bit surprised to be amongst those he had once considered his enemies, but having been freed from the influence of Jenova, they had chosen to give him a second chance. His thoughts swirled around in his head due to some emotions that he had decided to keep quiet about.
‘Why do I feel like this? I’ve always tried to be alone. There is no reason why I should feel that something is missing. I didn’t need anyone before so why do I feel that someone is missing in my life?’ Seph kept asking himself that over and over again.
He couldn’t understand why he felt that way now. H
P.C: Never Alone (SephTi) ch. 2
P.C: Never Alone (SephTi)
Chapter 2:
Tifa stared at Sephiroth as he told her to leave him alone. A smirk formed on her face as she walked over to where he sat on his bed. ”Are you sure you want me to leave? I think that there is something bothering you that you are trying to hide.” She said sitting down next to him on the bed.
“Come on, do you want to talk about it?” She asked looking at him. “No I don’t want to talk about it because there is nothing to talk about. Nothing is bothering me and I’m not hiding anything.” He said looking at her while trying not to get annoyed with her being so persistent to talk with him.
Tifa glanced at him. “Well, if nothing is bothering you, then why don’t you ever go anywhere with us? All that you ever seem to do is hide in here, sitting in the dark. We all had a rough time in the past but I think we should all try to get past that.” She said nudging him with her shoulder.
“Look Se
P.C. Never Alone (SephTi) ch. 3
P.C: Never Alone (SephTi)
Chapter 3
Sephiroth and Tifa remained sitting in silence for a little amount of time before Seph sighed. “Alright, you really want to know what’s up.” He said still looking at the ground. ‘Oh wow. He actually is going to open up to me.’ Tifa thought before nodding. “Yeah, what’s going on with you?” Tifa asked again. “I’m, well…I’m worried…about you.” He said pausing every now and then still not looking up to see what her reaction would have been. “I’m worried that I might end up hurting you again. So I thought it was best to keep my distance. That’s what’s up with me.” He said.
Tifa just stared at him. ‘So that’s why he has been avoiding everyone but mainly me.’ She thought as she also thought about what he meant when he had hurt her before. It was just after he had gone crazy, he set her hometown of Nibelhelm on fire and then sla

3 chapter fanfic for anonymous ---> A Dancing Rose Ch. 1It was a beautiful day as Amy Rose stood in front of a large mall. She was wearing her favorite red dress that she always wears but instead of her usual boots that accompany the dress, Amy was wearing a pair of red high heels that she had found in her closet. She stood outside in a light breeze and every now and then she would tap her foot on the ground making the clicking noises from her high heels. Anyone who would walk by could see that the pink hedgehog was trying to be patient but was becoming very impatient. She was waiting for her friends, Cream the rabbit, Rouge the bat, Tikal the echidna, and Blaze the cat to show up at the mall. Amy made plans with the girls to go shopping together but the other girls were all late, three hours late to meet with the pink hedgehog, and still no sign of any of them. Amy sighed. 'I guess they aren't coming. So I guess I'll just have to shop by myself.' She decided before turning around and entering the mall.
After shopping for at least an hour a
A Dancing Rose Ch. 2The next morning, Cream and the girls all showed up at Amy's house. They had two and a half hours before their class would start that day and the girls had been determined to show Amy some of the moves they had learned so she would be ready to try them in the class. Amy cam out dressed in her new dance outfit Though she wore some red very short jeans to cover her dance underwear untill she was at dance class, The others were still wearing their everyday clothes, "Alright Amy, we have two and a half hours to teach you everything that we have learned already." Tikal said as the small group went to a nearby park. They went to a stone slab in the park that had a sign that read, "Dance Area." "This is where we always practice our routines before and sometimes after our class." Blaze said as she put her bag down with the other girls bags. They took their regular high heels off & puts on their high heeled tap shoes. They then walked on the stone stage as their tap shoes makes tapping & clicki A Dancing Rose Ch. 3The next day, the girls went to their class where they tried their new routine once again. However this time, Amy was able to stay in rythem with the others and they managed to complete their routine. "Well done girls." Tasha said clapping. "Well done Amy. You have really improved." She said looking at the hedgehog. "I could'nt have done it without the help of my friends." She said happy to have completed the dance. Over the following days, the girls met with Ms. Tasha to practise their solos for the upcoming competition. The day before the competition, miss tasha gave the girls vouchers to get each their own fancy dance outfit for the dance competition and so all of the girls met to get their outfits for the competition. They all ended up getting a long sleeved tux jacket along with a button up white shirt and black bowties. As well as each girl buying a fancy pair of black dance underwear since the girls were going to show their bare legs for the contest. After buying the outfits, th

6 chapter fanfic for anonymous---->

half-body for :icontsunausui10:--->PC: Hello by ProjectANGEL101

Art Trades:
Pic of Java and Human!Sonic for :icondeathgirlmorgaine:------>AT: Give me my chilidog back! by ProjectANGEL101

A panda for :icon1darkjack: -----> AT: Panda by ProjectANGEL101

Half-body of Kinono for :iconphoebeshade:----> AT: Kinono by ProjectANGEL101
1) Picture of Nite --->
Request: Nite by ProjectANGEL101
2) Picture of Nite and Shadow ---->
Request: Nite and Shadow by ProjectANGEL101

Picture of Sylvia and Phyra VS. Pitch --------->
RQ: Phyra and Sylvia VS Pitch by ProjectANGEL101

Picture of Kate Robotnik ------>
RQ: Kate Robotnik by ProjectANGEL101

Picture of Billy Hatcher and Rolly Roll rolling eggs ------>
RQ: Billy Hatcher and Rolly Roll by ProjectANGEL101

A vampire ---------->
RQ: Vampire by ProjectANGEL101

Pic of Janet------->
Request: Janet for Ask-TheDreamTeam by ProjectANGEL101
Waiting On:
Chibi Jack Frost and Phyra Flame from :iconerinade:
--> P.C : Phyra and Jack by Erinade

Chibi Jack Frost and Phyra Flame from :iconroslue-chii: ---->

Chibi Ken and Kiko Ichijouji from :iconroslue-chii: ----->

Full-Body of Aria Bridger from :iconxxkirasworldxx: ----->
Art Trades:
Pic of Miyu and Human!Shadow Or Maria from :icondeathgirlmorgaine:

Picture of Vivi from :icon1darkjack: ------> AT - ProjectANGEL101's Vivi by 1darkjack

Half-body of Aria Bridger from :iconphoebeshade: ---> [AT] Aria Bridger by PhoebeShade
Free Drawings: (1st group)
1) :iconmakerofchaos117: Picture of Axel the Hedgehog --> Free Drawings # 1: Axel the Hedgehog by ProjectANGEL101
2) :iconkawaaaai: Picture of Sasuke and Sakura ---> Free Drawings #2 Sasuke and Sakura by ProjectANGEL101
3) :iconkollicekat: Picture of Silk the Cat --->
Free Drawings #3 Silk the Cat by ProjectANGEL101
4) :iconhope1222: Picture of Sora, from KH, falling and reaching for Kairi's hand ---->
Free Drawings #4 Sora and Kairi by ProjectANGEL101
5) :iconivycocoathehedgie: Picture of FC, Jinx or Lana(if Jinx is to hard) ---> Free Drawings # 5: Jinx and Lana by ProjectANGEL101
Free Drawings: (2nd group)
6) :iconprodestiny: Black Hope VS. Phyra ------> Free Drawings #6: Black Hope VS. Phyra by ProjectANGEL101
6.5) :iconprodestiny: Sylvia and Phyra's first meeting-------> Free Drawings #6.5: A Sparked Friendship by ProjectANGEL101

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